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Make Your College Student's Birthday Special (Even from Afar!)

Being a parent comes with the desire to create memorable experiences for your child, especially during important occasions like birthdays, even when they are far away at college. It can be challenging to maintain that personal touch and sense of closeness from a distance. I recall a heartwarming experience where I had the opportunity to assist a first-year student in celebrating her birthday. Her mother had a unique tradition of using a Sharpie to write 'Happy Birthday' in the center of blank sheet of paper and the age in four corners. Despite the physical separation, the mother was keen on keeping this tradition alive and meaningful. I took it upon myself to recreate this special gesture for her daughter. Carefully inscribing 'Happy Birthday' accompanied by her age (19), just as her mother would have done, I aimed to bring a piece of home to her. The impact was profound and touching. The mother expressed immense gratitude for enabling her to mark her daughter's special day in a way that felt personal and significant, bridging the distance between them. That's what Right On Time Errand Services is all about – helping you make your college student's birthday special, even when you can't be there in person.

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